Museums and manors

You can find many manor houses and castles in Põltsamaa area. Most of them are renovated, you can visit them and rent rooms for your special events. Some manors are in private hands and can only be viewed from outside. There are also four museums in Põltsamaa awaiting for you!

Churches, cemeteries and monuments

Several beuatiful churches are located in the area – they have active congegrations and services every Sunday. Põltsamaa Niguliste church features many concerts. Significant events and people from the past have their own monuments and altars. Explore the worth-seeing places here:

Bridges and beautiful nature spots

Põltsamaa is known as the area of bridges and parks, roses and wines. You will find 18 bridges and 4 parks from thw town. In the town center lies a beautiful Rose iselt. Põltsamaa Rise Garden – the biggest in the Baltic States – awaits you at the town border. The third longest river in Estonia – River Põltsamaa – flows through the area.