Uue-Põltsamaa manor

Veski 7, 48106 Põltsamaa town, Põltsamaa municipality
(+372) 517 2832

Uue-Põltsamaa manor separated from big Põltsamaa manor in 1750. The manor is located on the left bank of River Põltsamaa, just across the castle over the river. After the decease of Vana-Põltsamaa manor owner Heinrich von Fick, Jakob Heinrich von Lilienfeld became the new owner in 1750 as he had married Ficks youngest daughter. Family Lilienfeld held the manor until 1919.

In 1920s Põltsamaa Gymnasium started operating in the house. School used to building until 1980s – that is when new schoolhouse was built nearby and the school moved there. The school still used the manorhouse until 2004, mostly for storage.