Kirna study center

Jüriküla village, 49005 Põltsamaa municipality
+372 5553 7520

Beds/rooms: 130/19
Wifi, sauna, hiking trail, mini billiards, tenting, barbecue spot

Should you look for a private place for your event, then Kirna is the right place. You will find good condiotiond both, for smallers and larger groups. Kirna study center is open to all, should you organize a military event or a social meeting.

Seminar and party halls:

The auditorium on the ground floor is for max 80 people. The room can be divided with a sound-proof wall into two smaller rooms (ca 40 people). Projector and audio system available.

You will find a study class fomr the upper floor, thst is for max 30 people.