Katre Arula Meistrikoda

Lossi 1a, 48013 Põltsamaa town, Põltsamaa municipality
+372 551 3147


Katré is an Estonian handicrafts master and a fashion designer. She is inspired by folk costumes and folk art. The folk style in her works is laid-back and debonair.

Katré’s goal is to create individual and unique clothes, keeping in mind the espescialness of each client. All her dresses are unique, but you can recognize Katré by her special patterns. Also, all the bags and other accessories are slightly different from each other.

Clean environment and recycyling are highly valued by Katré. New fabrics, recyceled materials and wast materials are stylishly put together. If you want to feel special, these dresses and accessories are made just for you!

Groups can book workshops and presentations. Katré also takes special orders from individual clients.