Did you know…?

First Estonian (1766) and Latvian (1768) periodical publication/magazine “Lühhike öppetus” was publised in Põltsamaa in Kuningamäe print shop (that was the first private print shop in Livonia).

The peace plan of Europe was started here – writing  by Jakob Heinrich von Lilienfeld in 1767.

The first comedy of Livonia was born here – “New Year’s Wish” (1758) by  Jakob Heinrich von Lilienfeld.

River Põltsamaa, 135 km, is the 3rd longest river in Estonia.

Põltsamaa has more bridges than any other town in Estonia – 19. That is why Põltsamaa is caleld the town of bridges.

The first tricolor of Estonia was sewed in Põltsamaa in 1884 by Emilie Beermann.

Liivimaa ainsa kuninga hertsog Magnuse residents asus aastatel 1570–1578 Põltsamaa lossis.

Põltsamaa Rose garden is the biggest in the Baltic States and Nordic countries. It also belongs to Europe’s TOP10 rosaries. You will find almost 800 different sorts there.

Põltsamaa castle has the biggest perimeter – 437 m – among forts in Estonia. Whwn it was built, Old-Rome border fort was set as an example.

EELC Põltsamaa Niguslite church was the first church in Estonia that was restored during Soviet time (1952).

Põltsamaa has more parks than any other town in Estonia – 4 and they all are under natural protection. If there once weren’t “the reform of parks”, there would be even more parks.

Near Põltsamaa, in Kaarlimõisa, Aleksandrikool was opened in 1888 thanks to the money Estonian people had gathered. It was supposed to be the first school giving education Estonia, but still turned out to teach in Russian.

The first tube food for cosmonauts was made in Põltsamaa.

Kalana quarry is the place which is richest in seaweed fossils.

Lustivere is the most joyful place name in Estonia. “Lust” means joy, fun.

During 1918-1919, important battle of Estonian War of Independence took place in Aidu – from that place the Reds couldn’t get any further.

Karl August Hermann – famous Estonian composer, linguist and encyclopedist – was born near Põltsamaa, ion Võhma village.