Carl Schmidt’s House

Kesk 4, 48105 Põltsamaa town, Põltsamaa municipality
+372 5091937


Beds/rooms: 66/19
Wifi, seminar room, beauty services

Carl Schmidt’s House, the light-coloured 2-storey wooden guesthouse, is located in the heart of the small town of Põltsamaa in Central Estonia, 1 km from the Tallinn-Tartu road.  The guesthouse’s cafe and restaurant for up to 100 persons are located on the ground floor and all bedrooms for up to 66 persons are on the first floor.
Did you know that the house was named after the former village elder Carl Schmidt, who was active in many areas of local life? Schmidt’s house is a historical building — it used to house the first school in Põltsamaa. The first newspaper, Põltsamaa Teataja, was published here, and the building has been used as a hospital, a hotel and a canteen.

Seminar and party halls:

Ground floor: cafe-restaurant up 100 seats. Technique for seminars, wifi.

First floor: private seminar room with a fire place; up to 20-25 seats. Technique for seminars, wifi.