Kursi Hunting manor

Laasme village, 49008 Põltsamaa municipality
+372 5647 3995


Beds/rooms: 24/10
Sauna, tenting, caravan parking

In the centre of Estonia an old and stately house has come to life. This is a hunting manor built in 1888 that used to belong to Count Manteuffel. This could also be called the crown of all hunting manors in Estonia.
We have the pleasure of offering you the rare opportunity of having a holiday and staying in a house where it feels as though time has been standing still for a century or more. We provide delicious dishes in authentically restored halls with a great ambiance: restaurant “Zum Manteuffel”, the yellow music and conference room, and the exotic Hunting Hall.

Seminar and party halls:

  • Royal blue hall – up to 50 people;
  • Hunting hall – private room for smallers groups;
  • Historical music hall – breakfast and cafe hall;
  • Lounge – for ceremonial events;
  • Balcony – nice summer cafe.