Guided tours

If you wish to know more about Põltsamaa, come and have a guided tour!
Our guides arrange tours in Põltsamaa castle and Puurmani manor. In addition, it is possible to have a town excursion or a bus tour in the municipality to admire our beautiful villages with impressive manor buildings.

There are three qualified guides in Põltsamaa municipality, who all have participated in the training programm and have a long experience in working as a guide:

  • Rutt Tänav | Languages: estonian, russian, finnish, english, german | District: Põltsamaa town and municipality
  • Nelli Pius | Languages: estonian | District: Põltsamaa town and municipality
  • Raina Rumvolt | Languages: estonian | District: Puurmani

In addition, young guides from local schools practice in Põltsamaa and Puurmani manors. Book a guide here:
Welcome to Põltsamaa!